April 22 Rehearsal

April 23, 2014

Dear singers, 


Splendid night! Hearing you sing and project, rejoice and make music - nothing can make me happier! You made my day, my month, my season! 


Canceling rehearsal tomorrow, Wednesday - we are nearly ready and I am confident we'll have a ball Friday, Sunday and next Saturday. Do you share my feelings? I lose my grounds making this music come alive - so beautifully, so emotionally! 


Please email any concerns at nymetamorc@gmail.com. How can anyone miss these concerts, when nothing short of eternal grace descends on you every minute. I truly believe we have never sung a program with a 100% stellar quality music as this one. Your Sacrosanctum makes me wanna jump off the cliff, Karen's Vorrei and Nehmt meinem Dank makes we shed a tear, our final Miserere, oh forget it, I dissolve entirely. And it' s like that with each piece. Who cares about critics, tabloids, anyone's opinion! We trust each other and we love what we do, period.




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