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October 16 Rehearsal

Dear singers,

Hard work tonight, lots of Russian in one take, but many are used to it by now!

Please use the voice parts recordings for pronunciation, character and orientation. If your Wednesdays are difficult, you come to our rehearsal after a long and eventful day, have issues with concentrating, following, remembering, consider spending more time with the music at least one other time outside rehearsal. I always wish we had 2 rehearsals each week as we used to at times; what a difference it made! Even if you gave yourself a simple listening, the music stays with you for some time and, beyond your knowing, it enters you; you feel it, you breathe it, you own it.

We'll try to continue repeating Tchaikovsky weekly. Next week (23) will, hopefully, be the first rehearsal when we don't dedicate major time to one piece, but rather rehearse 5 or 6 pieces to observe the differences and work on the continuity. Among the pieces, I feel, we need to work most on are Honegger, Berlioz and Purcell. If you see me neglecting an area of your concern, please share at

Wishing everyone a beautiful musical week!


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