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Fall 2013 Complete program texts & translations


May a favorable ray descend and long preserve you for us!

Glory among great heroes and honor of our age.

You are already beloved of your subjects and the world;

May the gods preserve for us such happiness.


While I am eternally asleep, my love is not dying.


Return to the dark shores, live among us,

And you will make Gods jealous of the happiness of Shadows.


Forests, they sway around,

Over them cliffs bear down,

Roots cling to rocky grounds,

Trunk upon trunk is bound.

Wave after wave sprays up,

Deep caves protecting us,

Lions prowl silently,

Friendly around us,

Honoring sacred space,

Love's Holy hiding place


Praise! Hosanna! She has loved greatly, Lord! Margarita!

Mount again to Heaven, simple soul

That love misled;

Come wear again your pristine beauty

That an error changed.

Come, the divine virgins,

Your sisters the Seraphim,

Will know how to dry your tears

That earthly sorrows wring from you still.

Keep hope

And smile at happiness.

Come, Margarita, come!


And God said: the day shall dawn

To bring a flower, newly born;

From thy stem in fullness growing,

In fragrance sweet, night and morn,

All my people shall adorn,

With breath of life bestowing. Alleluia.


Hallelujah, amen. Oh Judah rejoice in songs divine,

With cherubim and seraphim harmonious join.


Lord, hasten to my help.


Thou tun'st this world, this world below,

The spheres above

Who in the heavenly round to their own music move.


Lord, have mercy on us in your wrath,

May the guilty be punished, punished by you.

If you allow that we, who worship you, are suppressed

by others that you do not know,

the wicked shall say:

Where is their God?


And may God preserve thee on thy way, oh glorious Tsar! Great may thy great imperial doings be

And thy humility before God

The hearts of thy subjects

Will burst with joy for thee! Yea they will burst with joy! And thy greatness will go far in thy people!

Glory! Glory!

Glory to God in Heaven, glory!

To our Lord on this Earth glory! To our Lord’s lady glory!

To our Lord’s heir glory!

To all the Tsar’s house be glory!

And to His people be glory!

Glory! Glory!

May truth in Russia be more beautiful than the bright sun – glory!


And to the Bread we sing this song,

To the Bread we honor pay! Glory! Glory! To the elderly for comfort,

To the kind for their obeisance,

To the elderly for comfort,

To the kind for their obeisance, glory! Glory, glory, glory!

Glory, glory, in the age of ages!

Glory, glory, glory, in the age of ages! Glory, glory, glory, in the age of ages! Glory, glory, glory!

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