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November 6 Rehearsal

Dear singers,

Our first successful run through tonight, rough at times, but a very impressive one nonetheless. Bravissimi!

Our priority is to fix trouble spots and practice performing pieces in succession to prepare for the concert. A few points:

1. Haydn, Rameau, Handel, Vivaldi, Purcell and Tchaikovsky - all call for a short articulated sound with the emphasis on text and rhythm. Not dragging behind the piano, but turning on your internal clock, breathing and singing as if slightly ahead of the beat.

2. Taneyev, Schumann, Berlioz, Honegger and Mozart are more complex. Phrasing each line, not passing by any note without care, love and admiration.

Word of the day (better, of the season!): ANTICIPATE

As we make music, we take the audiences with us on that wonderful journey. We look at the page and sing this bar, but we see and anticipate the next, always, all the time.

Vivaldi surpassed my expectation towards the end of rehearsal, sounded stylish, confident, exciting.

Mozart shined beautifully the moment we anticipated our entrance and came in the spirit of the bar before.

I think you realized tonight what it takes to make the music sound special.

Beautiful week to all!


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