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November 20 Rehearsal

Dear Singers,

Excellent work - went through more than half the program this time,

Handel - diction, articulation, rhythm!

Berlioz - phrasing, entrances, expression in piano

Honegger - soprano and alto clarity, different characters from section to section

Purcell - lightness and air, all separate, short notes shorter, long ones longer

Vivaldi - brilliance and rhythm, rhythm, rhythm

Mozart - prepare entrances and take over, lead on

Tchaikovsky - page 4: slava, slava, ... fsemoo tsarskamoo domoo yevo slava... i fsemoo yevo narodoo slava - memorize!

No rehearsal next week, Happy Thanksgiving!


Only 5 more rehearsals: December 4, 11, 18, January 8 and 15.

Both January rehearsals are in White Plains at 7:30.

#eugene #rehearsal

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