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December 4 Rehearsal

Dear singers,

Thank you for your dedication and hard work last night!

We have worked on Handel, Honegger, Purcell, Mozart, Tchaikovsky, Taneyev, Rameau and Schumann - a major part of our program. There were impressive moments of beautiful sonorities and well articulated rhythmic passages. I hope you are discovering something new in this music each time we rehearse.

Please review all our music, as I plan to sing the entire program through several times during the remaining 4 rehearsal. A special emphasis on Tchaikovsky's famous passage p.4, please. Simply for the respect to this glorious music.

If you're feeling concerned for underlearned sections, uncomfortable with musical entrances, i.e. can't find a note, PLEASE speak out! and better before a rehearsal. It's always easier when I can come up with more than one way of helping to solve any issue. Your message will not remain unanswered.

I am at nymetamorc@gmail.com

Please remember, the key to everything is ENERGY. Come to our rehearsals after a very light dinner, ready to be flexible, precise, attentive. In a few days I will publish the 1st seating chart (really, standing chart) and we'll start giving concerts!

Thank you!


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