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December 18 Rehearsal

Dear singers,

Tutti bravi! Thank you for the inspiring rehearsal and for a very special 2013!

We are nearly ready. The concert is a month, but only two rehearsals away. Please continue to review the music and text. Prepare yourself mentally and phisically for both rehearsals. Remember to ANTICIPATE, ARTICULATE and SUPPORT - three things necessary for the inspired, diction-clear and expressive singing. Maintaining your high energy level is most crucial.

Seeing your eyes will make our audiences love and appreciate our concert. Do not look down in your score when singing! Keep it slightly below your eye level. Keep it lower when not singing and raise a few seconds before singing. Each of us bears responsibility for how our concert is perceived. It's a joy to go home elevated after such concert and we deserve it. The price is that little extra effort, eyes up.

May I encourage you to educate yourself, even if with just the Wikipedia and YouTube. How could we bring more to this music - should be the question we ask. As always, I remain yours if ever needed, a single email message away.

Happy Holidays to you and your families, my dear friends!


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