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Winter Board Meeting Minutes

Hudson Valley Singers

Board Meeting Minutes

January 5th, 2014

Minutes from the previous meeting were approved and posted on the website.


Expect a minimum of $15000 remaining after the Spring Concert.


-Fundraising letter needs to be completed. Carol and Susanna will complete the letter by Wednesday, the 8th, to give out to the members.

-Motion to request a volunteer to redo the mailing list. Motion made by Carol, Seconded by Susanna. Passed.

Send out an email to the group requesting a volunteer.

Make an announcement at the next rehearsal.

Deadline for mailing list completion set for February 10th.

Winter Concert

Find volunteers to talk up the raffles. People to move the raffle items before the concert. Volunteers get free tickets. Orientation for the volunteers will be at the church on Wednesday the 15th.

Spring Concert

Litany and Mozart Choruses - Pieta, Tito, 3 arias (one with chorus, 2 without) Adding timpani?

Spring Fundraisers

-Lori Pellicano’s Jam-Boree idea (Woodstock Hill Preserves) - Revisit the idea for the next winter concert.

-Afternoon craft event in late fall/early winter? Discuss this at the board meeting in April.

Complimentary Ticket Policy

Motion to approve the new policy with the addition of set limits on tickets for orchestra members and soloists.

Orchestra: One free ticket for each member and 50% off any additional tickets.

Soloists: Two free ticket for each member and 50% off any additional tickets.

Additional comped tickets will be approved by the executive board.

Motion made by David Parker. Seconded by Carol. Passed.

HVCS Updates

-Received a $1000 grant from Arts Westchester for marketing material for underserved audiences.

-Performed at Schnurmacher Center on October 5th, 2013, the Springvale Assisted living Center on 12/8/13.

-Booked at Harthstone at Esplanade in White Plains on January 26th, 2014.

Flier/Program Art Contest

Motion to continue the art contest for the spring with the following additions:

-Set specific and clear parameters for the contest.

-Ask Natalia and Eugene for detailed input to give to the contest students and teachers.

-A winner and runner up will be selected by the Executive Board.

-Winner will be awarded $100 and the work will be used for the flyer and program cover.

-Board reserves the right to make minor changes to the art while maintaining the integrity of the work.

-Any final draft for the flyer needs to be approved by the Executive Board. Motion made by David Parker. Seconded by David Morse. Passed.


-Add “join our mailing list” option to the website.

-Get Amazon link up online!

-Add note about not requiring a Paypal account.

-Motion to add membership list and contact details to the membership section of the website. Announcement will be made at the rehearsal for those who are uncomfortable with their personal information being publicized. Motion made by Susanna Morse. Seconded by David Parker. Passed.

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