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January 19 concert and fireworks

Dear singers,

Most heartfelt congratulations to all on our Sunday concert! I am very proud of our work and the results we have achieved. Still hearing exciting comments.

In a few days I'll post video links for everyone to enjoy and remember.

Take advantage of this Wednesday night to have fun and celebrate!

We will see each other again January 29th, this time exclusively with Mozart. You already have the music for the Litany K. 243 (the second half of our program) and, some of you, might have even more.

The first half of our program will be:

1. Serbate o Dei (Tito)

2. Fra i pensier Soprano Solo (Lucio Silla)

3. Ah grazie si rendano Tenor e CORO (Tito)

4. Nehmt meinem Dank Soprano e Coro

5. Pieta Tenor e Coro (Betulia)

6. Vorrei spiegarvi Soprano SOLO

7. Che del ciel/ Ma che giorno/ Tu e ver Soprano, Mezzo, Tenor Bass, Coro (Finale Tito)

Some of you will recognize beyond #5 Pieta, #s 3 and 7. How much fun it should be to sing this music with orchestra!

​As always, voice parts will follow shortly. You will also be able to download most music early next week from our website.

Once again, congratulations to all for a great show!


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