• Hudson Valley Singers

February 26 Rehearsal

Dear singers,

We have now covered practically all the concert material, except never finished Pignus. I will dedicate to it the entire March 13 rehearsal. Of course, the Tito choruses need to be reviewed periodically, but all attention goes to the Litany.

Please use all means available to familiarize yourself with the music. Do not wait until the last moment, as this seemingly easy music requires our firm grip on text and music, articulation and phrasing. We have a beautiful concert ahead of us and all of us, I mean all, need to step up our efforts.

I am very grateful to Nurt Astrid for helping everyone with the music on March 6, while I'm away. Please consider coming even if you feel you know the music - you could be helpful to others! In turn, I will spare no efforts in April, adding more extra time on Saturdays and Sundays.

Let's say goodbye to Winter 2014, it has been good to us! And welcome to our glorious genius Mozart!


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