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March 12 Rehearsal

Dear singers,

Great to be back, to see you and to get through the entire Litaniae. I'd say, I already see glimpses of the successful performances. Some rough spots, some are almost there, some are near brilliant.

Think of this, what is required of music for it to come alive? Besides singing the right notes at the right time, of course.

The same think you need for your Entree not to be cold. FIRE

The same thing you want to feel from people you love. WARMTH

The same thing you yourself require of any performer. CONFIDENCE

I understand that there are no immediate references to that in music or the text,

but with innate feeling and a little of my help, surely, you recognize something beyond merely pleasant in this music.

I understand the necessity to watch for the road signs and not to make mistakes,

but we're not on the road, and the goal is not to get from A to B.

My hope that all of us without exception emit rays of light when we sing the concert, making each note shine with grace and glory and to bring something very personal into it.

Please be considered and responsible, learn the music and live with it between rehearsals. I believe in you.

Spring is in the air, and in our music, Have fun!


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