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April 27 Mozart Concert in White Plains

Congratulations to everyone of my dear singers on the most exhilarating and beautiful, dream-like and a very high quality concert! Bravi tutti!

Let's share comments and impressions here:


No words can express my own feelings. How cool is not having to sing or play, just standing there and feeling heavenly sounds born into the world, flying away on wings, touching the great eternity.

And we have another one on Saturday. Please take good care of your voices this week and so we give more joy to people!

No rehearsal Wednesday April 30, we hardly need one and my son turns 10.

Rehearsal IS SCHEDULED 5PM - 6:30PM Saturday, May 3 at the church on WEA and 86th Street. Please take it seriously and be there on time. Please have a brunch sometime before 3 and use the time between 6:30 and 7:30 to welcome your guests and gather your thoughts. We are experienced folks and we know, one time success doesn't mean it will be easy the second time.

To all, my most sincere and humble THANK YOU.


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