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Rehearsal September 24 and Invitation to the concert 9/26

Dear singers,

A very joyful rehearsal tonight! Anastasia was with us again and, I felt I could at last hear you sing without having to play. I thank you for your great attention and concentration!

Domine virtutum. We already "own' the piece, what a blessing. Tonight its solemnity and lightness, transparency and the dance-like feeling made the air vibrate with excitement.

The Introit also got a new life today, metamorphosing into a multi-layered polyphonic patterns. So much to enjoy in that music.

Kyrie and French songs are completely different but also rich in discoveries. I look forward to continuously finding new beauty with you.

Qu'elle est charmante is simply exquisit. Even though, sung at the end of rehearsal, I felt, it gave us momentous inspiration. We sounded fresh and airy, like angelic nymphs from a cathedral ceiling.

Thank you!

This Friday, 9/26 at 8PM five singers and myself are giving a "VERISMO" concert at 395 Round Hill Road in Greenwich, CT. Please see info at

I would love to see you there!

Enjoy the last day of September and let the great music be a part of your life!


917 359 5906

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