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Rehearsal November 12

Dear singers,

Great rehearsal last night - the coming cold air must be responsible!

We have started with the middle section of the Introit and gradually worked it into the whole. We also went over Forets paisibles and Paix adorable, Kyrie and In Notte Placida, ending with Qu'elle est charmante.

Everything has improved greatly. We are still searching for character, balance, but not for the notes anymore, I am hoping. Thank you for the wonderful spirit!

Reminding you, there will be no rehearsal Wednesday November 26.

Our remaining rehearsals in 2014 are

November 19,

December 3, 10 and 17

and we're in January - 7, 14 and Friday the 16.

Please note, the TRANSLATIONS of all our songs are published, thank you Susanna!

Please come to my piano recital next Friday, I promise to entertain!



917 359 5906

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