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February Board Meeting Minutes

Hudson Valley Singers

Board Meeting Minutes

February 22nd, 2015

Meeting called to order 12:45pm.

All Executive Board Members in attendance.

  • Announcements made.

  • Financials

    • Accurate budgeting of Winter Performance

    • Current remaining funds around $12,000

    • Return of payment from Natalia

  • Winter Concert Post Mortem

    • Greater success with raffles

    • Motion to request singers to either contribute food or $10 for concert reception.

      • Motion made by Randee G.

      • Seconded by Verna M.

      • Motion passed.

  • Planning for St. Matthews Passion

    • Discussion of concerts in the city and Westchester

    • Possible alternative to White Plains venue – St. Casimir

    • Push for recruitment

    • Concert date options for concert dates:

      • Sunday, May 15th in White Plains

      • Saturday, May 21st in the city

  • Concert Program

    • Implement processes to make program creation easier

      • Deadlines for each piece - ads, content, member’s names, etc.

      • Quality control – a week prior to print date, the program goes out to review

      • Pursue more information on InDesign and Creative Cloud

        • Shared access to a single license?

  • New Policy for Concert Recordings and Photography

    • Motion: The Board may make or commission audio recordings, video recordings and photography of any concert performance, which shall be the property of The Hudson Valley Singers.

      • Motion made by Melanie A.

      • Seconded by Verna M.

      • Motion Passed.

    • The board will request that a given person be responsible for the distribution, collection and tracking of release forms for musicians and soloists. Randee G. will follow up.

  • Motion: The executive board will hold a 30 minute meeting prior to rehearsal (at the rehearsal venue) on the 3rd rehearsal of each month.

    • Motion made by Carol M.

    • Seconded by Randee G.

    • Motion passed.

  • Nominating Committee

    • Carol M. and David P. will discuss this.

  • Ads and Mailing Lists

    • One free raffle ticket for joining the mailing list

    • Informational slips in each program?

    • Volunteer to cover collecting emails at concerts

    • Elena P. has agreed to maintain the marketing and fundraising email list

    • Encourage corporate and business ad purchases in the summer/fall to include in both the Winter and Spring programs, and personal ads in the winter/spring for the Spring program.

    • Section leaders collect 4 emails for marketing purposes from each singer in their section – calls will be made to people who do not give emails

    • Email for personal marketing (to be written by Randee G.)

  • HVCS Update

    • Applied for grants from ArtsWestchester and St. Barnabas and should receive status updates shortly

    • Another Barnes & Noble concert

    • Performance at the St. Barnabas dinner

    • Upcoming Public Concerts

      • April 26th at Andrus Springfest

      • May 17th at the Will Library

  • Website

    • Contact information for the members of the board of directors and section leaders will be added to the website.

    • Ask members for their opinions about a public list of information

    • Add a History page for all program history and flyers

    • Add an “In the News” page with articles, links and press releases

    • Add Amazon Smile link

  • David M. will print out 2 copies of the current members roster to pass around at rehearsals for confirmation and correction.

Meeting adjourned 3:30pm.

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