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Der Rose Pilgefahrt Concert June 6

Dear singers,

Days go by, but we come back to our Schumann experience. Do you? I do. Even though from that night on the mind is swamped with Schubert lieder, Beethoven 9th Symphony, Ukrainian folksongs (a Hollywood order), St. Matthew Passion, Negro spirituals, Skryabin preludes and the end of school season.

Congratulations, singers, on a spectacular performance! Great spirit, excellent vocal shape, undivided attention - that is my Hudson Valley Singers, I am proud of you.

Patience, I will make all the recordings available to you. Just need time to make them presentable. A team is working on the post production of the video taken from four cameras. This is to be cherished, remembered, listened and adored again and again. That's the way it was conceived and it will happen.

Now on to the Bach. Let's gather at Andrus on Wednesday June 24 at 7:30 to start looking at St. Matthew. PLEASE let me know at IF YOU NEED THE SCORE. We will be using PETERS EDITION VOCAL SCORES as before, and I'd prefer if we all had the same. We will be ordering scores but need to know how many.

The concert is scheduled in St Paul the Apostle in New York City on 62 Street and Columbus Ave, two blocks away from the Lincoln Center for Saturday May 21, 2016

Thank you, Verna, for making this possible.

We are planning the same concert in Westchester the Sunday before, 5/15,2016.

Depending on how many of you are available we may plan a rehearsal in July and the end of August. We will resume in full swing on September 9.

Please stand by for other important announcements this and next week.

Once again, congratulations to all on a uniquely special night of music on June 6!


917 359 5906

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