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Last chorus

Dear singers,

So looking foward to seeing you this Wednesday! The scores have arrived, come with yours our pick up a new one from David. The rehearsal will not be too long and we'll turn it into the celebration of our past season.

At the rehearsal we'll discuss useful tools in learning the Bach, available recordings, translation and the many steps we go through on our way of mounting the great St Matthew.

As always, I invite you to share your ideas and suggestions. Fourteen of you sang the

St Matthew with us in 2005. It would be great to hear what was memorable for you!

And finally, couldn't resist the tempation adding the audio of the Final Chorus from Der Rose Pilgefahrt for your enjoyment. Especially notice the 5 seconds! diminuendo on the second schwing' dich empor bar 22 (or on the music track 1:03-1:08) for which I am ready to erect a monument to sopranos. Never mind at that moment I was in a complete trance, barely knowing what my arms or hands were scheming, tears in the eyes. The sublime ending to the glorious masterpiece - alive, uplifting, moving and concluding the concert on a high, noble note. To hear the music go the Past Performances Page.


917 359 5906

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