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RULE 1: Phrasing,

RULE 2: Articulation of CONSONANTS,

RULE 3: The phrase before the last fermata usually bears special significance musically and poetically, therefore stands slightly apart. Be prepared.

IMPORTANT: Please try to memorize first phrases of each choral before singing. Recall the character and "general feel", and move!


3. (p. 14) Herzliebster Jesu, was hast du verbrochen. General dynamic: P

As it is the first choral and it comes after a big sing, then a pause, please pick up the tempo right from the start. Bring it to the 3rd beat 1st bar, then immediately to the downbeat 3rd bar. Remember to land with no weight on all fermatas, as they fall on unaccented syllables. The rule: if your voice has more than 3 straight quarters in a row, CONNECT and MOVE AHEAD. Sopranos be ready for the pickup to 10th bar - very delicate.

16. (p.27) Ich bin's, ich sollte büßen. General dynamic: mF

In bar 1 quickly separate bin's from ich. This passionate choral is in 2 parts, the second starts with Die Geißeln. Fermatas are short, except in bar 6. The last phrase is slower.

21. (p. 34) Erkenne mich, mein Hüter. General feel: Legato e dolce

Sing with a smile and imagine carrying a precious child. With boundless gratitude.

23. (p. 35) Ich will hier bei dir stehen. General dynamic: piu F,

First, determined and steadfast. Softer after the double bar, but more and with an emphasis on alsdenn (b 8). Softer and again, with gratitude the last phrase.

31. (p. 49) Was mein Gott will, das g'scheh allzeit. General feel: mF, legato, celebration

Well articulated first 4 one-syllable words, but moving forward! Larger at the end.


38. (p. 81) Mir hat die Welt trüglich gericht't. General feel: Slower, mF, legato

Special emphasis on Lügen, falschem, Stricken. Again, there are 2 parts. Even slower 2nd part - Herr, nimm mein wahr. A passionate plea at the end.

44. (p. 91) Wer hat dich so geschlagen. General feel: Disbelief, P, compassion

mein Heil = my Salvation, with arms open. At the end : weißt du - a T and D, both pronounced, separated.

48. (p. 100) Bin ich gleich von dir gewichen. General dynamic: mF, flowing legato.

Growing steadily to bar 10. Somewhat changing direction in bar 11, - kinder, mellower.

Words endings at the beginning: gewichen, verglichen, at the end: Sünde, befinde - unaccented!

53. (p. 108) Befiel du deine Wege. General feel: P tranquil and moving, as if from another planet.

Short fermatas, smile. Happy deeply inside.

55. (p. 113) Wie wunderbarlich ist doch diese Strafe! General feel: P with sweet bitterness and remorse.

Musically similar phrasing to #3. Try to connect b.9 Gerechte fermata and für of the next phrase.

63. (p. 127) O Haupt voll Blut und Wunden. General feel: P, weary.

Second verse with adoration, especially bars 8-10.

72. (p. 148) Wenn ich einmal soll scheiden. General feel: seemingly uninvolved, but with conviction.

Darker color, narrower sound at the beginning. S & T please, slow on your 16th notes! Last two bars in complete disbelief.

Regardless the character, please ARTICULATE, especially in softer sections.

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