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The Fall 2016 program

Dear friends,

This evening, the last one before our long-awaited St. Matthew Passion concert I'm reaching out to thank you for being with us this season, your hard work, your help and your love for music. I thank you for your trust and your tremendous effort. For some of us it will be the very first St Matthew, for some the third, for some even a higher number, but we all have come to recognize the universal significance of this music and our, at once, humble and high role in bringing it to live. I wish you the most meaningful time singing it tomorrow.

In the Fall 2016 we'll start working on a program of music from different parts of the world. Exciting (in my view) folk music of the US, Brazil, France, Russia, Sweden, Hungary, Jewish music - all of it in my arrangements customized for you. No frightening section divisions, no German! (but yes - other languages), some four-part harmonies, some three, two and even unison singing and lots of fun!!! A small instrumental ensemble will accompany.

At the moment I'm looking for a suitable performance venue for this program. I would like it to be a cozier, more relaxed space, with different lighting, warmer, relaxed atmosphere. If you think of any such a venue please share your thoughts.

And now, to Bach!


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