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Our Handel Spring Concert

Dear singers,

As announced last Wednesday, our Handel concert is scheduled for May 7, 2017, Sunday at 3PM.

Here comes the time, as promised. Below is the scope of our singing with page references.

In The Ways of Zion do mourn we will sing everything, but a few passages in #6. #11 will be given to our own Solo group (like we did in King Lily of the Valley). Rehearsals for that will be held outside our 7:30 - 10 general time.

The Ways of Zion do mourn (TWZ)

2. The Ways of Zion do mourn pp. 3-13

3. She put on righteousness pp. 14-18

4. When the ear heard her pp. 19-22

5. How are the mighty fall'n p. 23

6. She deliver'd the poor that cried pp. 24-32

7. How are the mighty fall'n p. 33

8. The righteous shall be had pp. 34-41

9. Their bodies are buried in peace pp. 42-47

10. The people will tell of their wisdom pp. 48-50

11. They shall receive a glorious kingdom pp. 51-55 (Solo group)

12. The merciful goodness of the Lord pp. 56-59

Eternal Source Of Light Divine (ES)

2. The day that gave great Anna birth pp. 6-9

3. Let all the winged race with joy pp. 12-13

4. Let flocks and herds their feat forget pp. 16-17

5. Let rolling streams their gladness show pp. 21-22

7. The day that gave great Anna birth pp. 28-29

8. Let envy then conceal her head p. 32

9. United nations shall combine pp. 34-41



February 15 TWZ #2,3,4; ES #2,3

February 22 TWZ #4,5,6; ES #4,5

March 8 TWZ #7,8,9; ES #7,8

March 15 TWZ #9,10,12; ES #9

March 22 TBA

March 29

April 5

April 12

April 19

April 26

May 3 Wednesday - Rehearsal w/instruments at the concert location

May 5, Friday - Dress rehearsal w/instruments at the concert location

May 7, Sunday - concert

The voice parts are coming. Please use the time between rehearsals to review what we will have covered and prepare for the new reading. Thank you.

Looking forward to our glorious 4rd (non-consecutive) of Handel!


917 359 5906

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