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Note from Eu: Revised Rehearsal Schedule and Instructions

Dear singers,

Not happily, but necessarily, in light of the latest virus-related developments, our board has made the difficult decision to cancel rehearsals this, 3/11, and next, 3/18, Wednesdays. My hope is, we can resume on March 25, without serious damage to our learning process.

While we are on this, very much forced, hiatus, I'll try to keep in touch through email, guiding and updating. Please do not hurl your Nabucco score to the top shelf, but keep it close and accessible. When you have a moment, go over the words, slowly, but in rhythm. You'd be surprised, where a simple repetition can get you over time.

If I may, here's your homework for this week.

For S & A: the opening chorus Gli arredi festivi p. 10, and Lo vedeste p. 49.

For T & B: p. 127 etc. Che si vuol, and Il maledetto. Lots of words, but I have memorized them last week, and have been reciting every day, and now can do them by heart in tempo!

While we don't see each other, I am always thinking of you and hoping that I can be helpful. Whenever you have, even a trivial, or seemingly unimportant, question, please reach out. Getting back to you is my priority.

I trust we'll weather this, as we have weathered so much, becoming stronger and better. Please stay healthy and happy, my dear singers!


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